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DPS offers several educational crime prevention programs and safety services to the campus and surrounding communities. The Crime Prevention Program is comprised of officers who provide public relations programming to university affiliated persons, other schools, and community groups by request.

To inquire about a program or to schedule one, please contact Lt. Kendall Hollister at 453-3771


  1. Alcohol Safety and Awareness - Different programs presented to your specific audience that relate to alcohol safety, awareness, effects, use, and consequences. This program can be adapted to fit many different environments and age groups.
    1. Drunk Mario Cart/DUI
    2. Beer Goggles
    3. Consequences and effects
    4. Bar and house party safety
  2. Drug Safety and Awareness - Different programs presented to your specific audience that relate to drugs, including safety, awareness, effects, use, and consequences.
    1. What is? (name that drug)
    2. DUI
    3. Consequences and effects
    4. What are the signs
  3. Sexual Assault Safety and Awareness/Sexual Harassment - Different programs that address sexual assault investigations and reporting.
    1. Consent
    2. Boundaries
    3. What to do if you are the victim or know someone who is the victim
    4. Reporting options
    5. Available resources
  4. Domestic Violence Safety and Awareness - Programs presented to address the area of domestic violence to include warning signs of unhealthy relationships, how to get help, how to report violence, and what resources are available.
  5. Theft Prevention and Awareness - Programs presented to address ways to keep your property secure, prevent theft, and reporting of a theft
    1. Locking all property
    2. Recording serial numbers
    3. How to report
    4. Include bicycle theft information (locks, bike registration info)
  6. Stopped by the Police - This program will teach about the best practices for an individual when stopped by or encountered by a police officer, whether on a traffic stop, investigating a crime, walking down the street, or in general conversation.
    1. You have to obey a lawful order
    2. Cooperate with officers, including giving them your name
    3. Keep hands visible
    4. Don't make furtive movements
    5. Pull over in a safe location
    6. Don't have an attitude
  7. Identity Theft Prevention - Programs used to teach about theft of personal identifiable information that is used to obtain credit in your name for the purposes of defrauding the issuing institution.
  8. Preparing for severe weather - Learn the difference between a Watch and Warning, what to do in the event of a fire, tornado,earthquake, or other severe weather emergency.
  9. Did you know, Traffic Laws - Learn about Illinois traffic laws, the do's and don'ts, and find out about laws you didn't know existed.
  10. Bicycle Safety/Bicycle Theft Prevention - This program can be geared towards younger children or college-aged students. Bicycle safety, laws, and proper equipment are discussed during this program. A bicycle safety course can also be set up and taught by the Police Mountain Bike Unit Officers. Theft prevention tips, locking devices, and bike registration may also be incorporated into this program.
  11. Violence Prevention (Active Shooter) - Prepares student, faculty, and staff with tools to identify warning signs and outlines response to active shooter situations. This program is taught by a certified ALICE and active shooter instructor.
  12. Coffee/Breakfast/Ice Cream with a Cop - Receive a free cup of coffee, breakfast, and/or ice cream and interact with campus police officers. Locations and times for these events are limited.
  13. What is DPS? Provides an overview of the entire Department of Public Safety. This presentation lasts approximately 30 minutes and covers the role and authority of the SIU Parking Division and the Police Department.
  14. Firearm Safety and Handling - A certified firearms instructor covers firearm safety and safe handling procedures with handguns, shotguns, and rifles at the SIU Police Department Firearms Range. Typically this presentation is given to members of the SIU Shooting Team.
  15. Active Shooter Assessments - Certified ALICE and active shooter instructors will provide a walk-through of any campus building in order to assess safety issues to consider. Officers will provide tips to make buildings more secure in the event of an active shooter situation.
  16. Safety Presentations for Children - Officers provide safety programs for children throughout various schools, daycares, and housing units in the area. Topics for the presentations include:
    1. Bullying
    2. Staying safe at home/school/on field trips
    3. Crosswalk safety
    4. School bus safety
    5. Crime Scene Investigation (hands-on event)
  17. What is the Smoke-Free Campus Act? - Officers provide a short presentation on the Illinois Smoke-Free Campus Act, 110 ILCS 64/1, the Board of Trustees Policy 7(M), city ordinances banning smoking, and consequences of violating these rules.

All crime prevention programs are approximately one hour, unless otherwise indicated.

House Watch

  • University House Watch Program - Students living in Family Housing Areas (Evergreen Terrace) can register with the House Watch Program by calling 453-3771 anytime. Police officers will check the doors and windows of your residence while you are away. There is no cost for this service. If you live off-campus in the City of Carbondale you can take advantage of the Carbondale Police Department's House Watch program.