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In August 2008, the Higher Education Opportunity Act (Public Law 110-315) became law. This act requires all U.S. academic institutions to produce an annual fire safety report outlining fire safety practices, standards, and all fire related on-campus statistics pertaining to on-campus residential buildings. Pursuant to this act, the following document is a report detailing the fire safety practices, standards, and statistics applicable to the Southern Illinois University Carbondale Campus. University Housing

Residence Halls

All of SIUC operational residence halls have full fire alarm systems that report to a continuously staffed dispatch center, the Facility Operations Center (F.O.C).

Campus Apartments

SIUC has three on-campus apartment complexes for students and their families. These apartments are Southern Hills, Evergreen Terrace and Elizabeth Street Apartments. All apartment units in all four complexes have smoke detectors. Most of these smoke detectors are single station detectors in the family resident housing areas, thus, they sound a local alarm but do not automatically report to the dispatch center.

Fire Drills

All University Residence Halls are scheduled to have one fire drill per semester during the academic school year. Academic buildings receive fire drills periodically based on hazard assessment, accreditation requirements, B.E.R.T. and safety committee recommendations.