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SIU Police officers hope to embody the Department’s core values of professionalism, integrity, honor, and dedication. Sometimes officers or other Department personnel are asked to provide assistance that has been requested and is welcome, while at other times they must intervene to enforce the law and hold violators accountable.


Compliments are always welcome and appreciated. You may complete our quality of service survey, call us at 618-453-3771, visit us in person or write to:

SIU Department of Public Safety
Attn: Captain Ryan House
1175 S. Washington St., Bldg A, Mailcode 6713
Carbondale, IL 62901


We take complaints seriously and view them as an opportunity to correct problems and improve the services we provide to the community.

How do I complain?

If you are face-to-face with an SIU Police officer, Saluki Patrol officer, or other Department of Public Safety personnel, and you believe they are acting improperly, you may respectfully ask to speak with an on-duty supervisor, if available, or you may ask for the officer’s name and badge number. Please do not get into a confrontation with the officer – wait to take the matter up with the supervisor.

Afterwards, you have a number of options. First, you can fill out our quality of service survey. We will read your responses, but because you will remain largely anonymous, there may be a limit to what we can do to resolve any issues. Second, you can call 618-453-3771 and ask to speak to a supervisor. This is a very effective way to resolve issues. Finally, you may file a formal, written complaint.

How are complaints handled?

All complaints received by mail or in person will be logged and forwarded to Captain Ryan House. He will be responsible for contacting the complainant regarding receipt of the complaint and subsequent findings.

Complaint Form

Download the form(s), fill them out, and sign each page before a notary public. Then submit them via the address above.

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